Harbor City Matthew CD, OA, NAJ, NTC, S-NAC, S-NGC, S-NJC, OAC
Matthew is the clown of the family. He was very easy to train and loves doing it all. He retired from agility, but we are looking forward to competing in Rally. He just loves Rally, but I have to be careful, you can talk to your dog in Rally and if I get him too excited he just starts bouncing around. He is also a stage actor, he has played "Sandy" in 3 different productions of Annie Jr. Two with Youth Performance Company and one with a summer program. He is such a ham, he just loves his audience and all of the attention from the kids involved in the productions.
Harbor City Bit 'O Honey CD AX OAJ AD V-OAC V-OAJ NGC (3 MX legs)
Honey was my first Obedience, agility, and therapy dog. She is the one that got me into all of this dog stuff. She loved life. I have a picture in my living room that says "We do not quit playing because we grow old, we grow old because we quit playing" (George Bernard Shaw) that was Honey. If she wasn't gray, you would have never known she was 11. She was out playing and swimming 2 days before we suddenly lost her. She was a very special girl. She thought she was the mother of all of my dogs, even Brutus, who when he came here was nearly 200 pounds. She was always cleaning faces. She helped Shiraz raise her puppies. She taught me a lot and she still makes me smile every time I think about my wonderful girl.
Harbor City Picture Perfect CD NA NAC

  My Baby Boys
The boys weren't with us long, but they were very special to us, and they still are. They touched the hearts of everyone they met, especially Doc. They were true fighters. They taught me a lot. I will never forget my baby boys and I cherish every day I had with them.
      Doc (9/24/04-5/6/05)                                                 Wyatt (9/24/04-3/10/05)
Photo is Matthew's litter mate, but they are complete opposites. Photo loves to train because there is food involved, but no food in the ring is a problem. In agility he would pick a different obstacle almost every weekend and refuse to do it. He is now enjoying training for Rally, but we will see what he does in the ring. He is the grumpy old man of the house, he tries to keep everyone in line. He enjoys playing with everyone when he wants to though.
I need to include my other kids, even though they are not mastiffs. Before getting into mastiffs I was very active in agility, and hope to be again. My Goldens are retired now, but they all have multiple agility tittles and their CD (obedience-companion dog title). They were also involved in therapy work. The Goldens are the ones that got me involved in training and competing with my dogs. They are a very important part of my life.